Refurbished Modular Buildings

We offer the industries most comprehensive refurbishment service – should it be a jackleg, Steel/Timber frame Modular or Leisure park home let our skilled craftsmen take care of it

We can provide the following services and much more

  • Replacement or additional windows and doors
  • Replacement Wall panels
  • All aspects of roofing, from a simple leak to full replacement
  • Paint & Repair
  • Plumbing & electrical repair or replacement
  • New pvc facia, soffit & gutters etc
  • Various sized extensions
Cabin Shower Block Refurbishment Cabin Toilet Block Refurbishment
Cabin Refurbishment Service Cabin Relocation Service
Cabin Refurbishment Service Cabin Relocation Service

A Highly Sustainable Approach

The recycling and refurbishment of relocatable buildings is one of the most sustainable methods of construction, helping you to reduce carbon emissions, waste sent to landfill and the carbon footprint of your building.

We supply of all types of portable and modular buildings throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland.